Requiem for the Oceans

In this portfolio Peter Eaton Gurnz captures flags made from Ocean waste fabric, all designed in St Barth and produced by the local sustainable label Utöpia.
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Photo by Peter Eaton Gurnz. Orane Ragot with a flag by Istanbul74' x Utöpia x André. Xavier Labouerie with a flag Utöpia x Ruiz Stephinson.

A native New Yorker, artist and photographer, Peter Eaton Gurnz began a career- defining mentorship with visionary artist Peter Beard, crystallizing an already blossoming infatuation with fashion and it’s beautiful creatures. Gurnz works to communicate and reflect on the beauty of this world. His photography is one of love to document magical moments and exceptional experiences. Gurnz has a lifelong relationship with St Barth and has recently opened an artist studio and gallery in Gustavia, to visit by appointment.

As a child, Gurnz spent his winter holiday on the shores of St Barth and as an artist, he has consistently returned to foster the same relaxed, free wheeling island lifestyle that provided so much joy. This in turn informs the artwork he produces and exhibits on the island and around the world.

Peter, born Peter Eaton Guernsey III of Edgartown Massachusetts, is a descendent of carpenters and boat builders. 
His sensibility to his craft, and the 100% handmade perfection that he asks of himself and his products, are a result of the mastery asked of his family. Sails, made of ink and canvas, are one of the platforms on which he presents his images. Their images and framing are essential to their presentation. Like sails are essential to a boat to create movement, Peter’s wall works literally move with the wind yet hold a wall. Traditionally, photography is presented in frames that have no relation to the work itself. In Peter’s work, the frames are essential for the works and are made of materials intrinsic to his past and the memory of not only the image, but also his own story as an artist. They are one and the same, unique to Peter and his craft.

In this portfolio for L’Officiel St Barth the focus of Peter Eaton Gurnz was to capture flags made from Ocean waste fabric, all designed in St Barth and produced by the local sustainable label Utöpia. By following the principle of a publishing house, Utöpia turns flags into a new media. One of the oldest symbols of communication in the world, the flag now occupies a renewed place in public space. In a world where we are tied to the virtual publics and social networks of our screens, the medium of the flag invites us to raise our heads to the sky. The flags are made using fabrics woven from recycled ocean waste materials, Utöpia is participating in the movement for ocean protection and awareness.

Photo by Peter Eaton Gurnz, Orane Ragot with a flag by Utöpia x Julio Le Parc x Parley for the Oceans

Photographer Peter Eaton Gurnz
Producer and creative directior Thomas Leonard Cathey
Models Orane Ragot, Xavier Labouerie, Clara Rosa




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